3DPhotoFree 1.2

Create three dimensional images on your phone


  • Creates true 3D photos


  • Labor intensive
  • Not user friendly
  • You need 3D glasses to see the effect

Not bad

3DPhotoFree is a free application used to create three-dimensional images for Symbian.

If you want to add some new life to your phone pics, 3DPhotoFree might be just the app for you. With it, you can convert basic, two dimensional images into 3D images.

Making 3D images with 3DPhotoFree is pretty challenging though. First, you have to take two pictures of the same or similar things. Then you use these pictures to activate the app's 3D mode. Unfortunately, this may be too cumbersome for most general phone users who'll want to see faster results that are easier to achieve.

The other issue is that the app requires 3D glasses in order to view the effect, which not all users will have readily available.

3DPhotoFree lets you transform flat pictures in 3D designs, but not without a good amount of trial and error.

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3DPhotoFree 1.2

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